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Hamilton Maps Ltd

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History of the organization:

Hamilton Maps Ltd is a small production company which produces high quality colour advertising-based publications, including the Hamilton City Street Map,
and the Waikato Town and Around Magazine.
Hamilton Maps is a limited liability company first established as Plandata Press in 1984 and then as Hamilton Maps Ltd in 2010.
It is owned and operated by John and Sharon Taylor, Sharon is a graphic artist and advertising coordinator and John manages the sales side of the business.
We have a small, tight but highly skilled staff including our sales representative, technician, accounts manager and part time graphic artist.
Since 2000 we have gradually increased our staff and have since grown the business to produce a range of community friendly products.

A Distinctive and Iconic Business:

Hamilton Maps owns considerable intellectual property including our iconic map of Hamilton City. It was first drawn by hand, then over successive years
developed into a computer file. This map file forms the basis of the popular Hamilton City Street Map which is currently published in four editions annually
which target different market sectors.
The Hamilton Map occupies a special place in Hamilton, as an iconic entity. It is popular and colourful, making it appealing to everyone,
it is constantly updated and its format adaptable.
Above all the Free to the Public has resulted in the popularity of the Hamilton Map, this is at the discretion of Hamilton Maps Ltd.
The business has grown to have a presence at most major events in Hamilton.
The maps are distributed via our extensive client base, community and educational organizations, public venues like Hamilton City Libraries, Citizens Advice,
Migrant Resource Centre, Waikato Hospital and the Police Station and generally available on request, for example to Plunket, schools and for seminars and conferences.

In conjunction with the Internet:

The map is the basis of the Hamilton Maps website; This website shows the map and has a search engine that can find any street,
park or facility in Hamilton. It also links to various other websites for example, the Waikato Hospital, the Wintec, Waikato University and others.
The website also holds maps of the district towns and links to the local District Councils.
In 2005 a Heads of Agreement with Hamilton City council enabled the website to be portalled to the website of Hamilton City Council.
This is to be seen at, the website of Hamilton City Council.
On this website the ezine electronic version of the The Waikato Town and Around can be viewed online with live links to advertisers websites and emails.

Business Achievements:

Over the last 5 years the Hamilton Map has steadily grown to four editions per year which are:
1. The Hamilton City Street Map, published annually since 1984.
2. The Events Map of Hamilton produced for and distributed at the Fieldays Event, supported by the Mystery Creek Events Centre, and other clients,
showing the Fieldays site map, in its 7th edition in 2010.
3. The Tertiary Students Map of Hamilton, supported by Wintec and the University of Waikato and Te Wananga o Aotearoa and other clients,
showing the university and Polytechnic campuses, in its 4th edition in 2008
4. The V8 Supercars map of Hamilton, and other clients, showing the V8 Route Map and parking, in its 4th edition in 2008.
5. The website and its use by Hamilton City Council in 2005 and continuing.
6. The Waikato Town and Around Travel Directory, showing the rail timetables plus the Hamilton Map and index and maps of rural towns, in its 7th issue in 2011,
and distributed to residential addresses in Hamilton annually, and also the rural towns in the Waikato, Hauraki and Coromandel Districts, South Waikato,
Waipa, Matamata/Piako and Otorohanga. This has grown to be a major income performer for the business and is the focus of our ongoing strategic plan.
7. The District Map of Waikato, supported by The Waikato Enterprise Agency, Waikato District Council, WEL Trust and Genesis Energy, in its 1st edition in 2007.
It includes a large map of Waikato District with District borders and on the reverse side maps of the rural towns within the District.