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Tahi Street
Tainui Street
Taitua Road
Takahe Street
Takapu Place
Taksan Place
Tallentire Crescent
Tamar Place
Tamihana Avenue
Tanekaha Place
Taniwha Street
Tarbett Road
Tarrango Way
Tasman Place
Tasman Road
Tattersfield Place
Tauhara Drive
Taunton Court
Tawa Street
Tawn Place
Taylor Terrace
Te Anau Place
Te Aroha Street
Te Huia Drive
Te Ironui Place
Te Kowhai Road
Te Manatu Drive
Te Puroa Place
Te Rapa Access Road
Te Rapa Road
Teddy Street
Telford Place
Tennille Street
Tennyson Road
Terence Road
Thackeray Street
Thames Street
The Avenue
The Base Parade
The Boulevard
The Dales
The Esplanade
The Ford
The Haven
The Link
The Palms
The Peninsula
The Rocks
Thistlewood Place
Thode Place
Thomas Road
Thomson Avenue
Thornburn Court
Thornton Place
Thorpe Street
Tidd Street
Tiffiney Place
Tironui Terrace
Tisdall Street
Titoki Place
Toi Toi Place
Tomin Road
Tongariro Street
Torrington Avenue
Toru Street
Totara Drive
Tralee Place
Tramway Lane
Tramway Road
Tranmere Road
Trauzer Place
Treloar Street
Trent Lane
Trigg Place
Trimmer Lane
Trinidad Place
Tristram Street
Tudor Crescent
Tuhikaramea Road
Tui Avenue
Tuirangi Street
Tupe Lane
Tupelo Street
Turnbury Court
Twickenham Place