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  • Hamilton Maps Ltd is a small production company which produces high quality colour advertising-based publications, including the Hamilton City Street Map,  and the Waikato Town and Around Magazine.
  • Hamilton Maps owns considerable intellectual property including our iconic map of Hamilton City. It was first drawn by hand, then over successive years  developed into a computer file. This map file forms the basis of the popular Hamilton City Street Map which is currently published in four editions annually which target different market sectors.
  • The Hamilton Map occupies a special place in Hamilton, as an iconic entity. It is popular and colourful, making it appealing to everyone,  it is constantly updated and its format adaptable.
  • Above all the Free to the Public has resulted in the popularity of the Hamilton Map, this is at the discretion of Hamilton Maps Ltd.
  • The maps are distributed via our extensive client base, community and educational organizations, public venues like Hamilton City Libraries, Citizens Advice,  Migrant Resource Centre, Waikato Hospital and the Police Station and generally available on request, for example to Plunket, schools and for seminars and conferences.

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